Celebrity Baby Name Review–Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Celebrity Baby Name Review–Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Most place-names feature charming or picturesque places like Paris, Siena, the Dakotas, or the Nile. And now that Brooklyn has been gentrified, it’s become a popular girl’s name (ranked #57 in 2007). However, if you’ve ever taken a taxi from LaGuardia Airport through The Bronx on your way to Manhattan, you know that The Bronx is no Paris (or even Brooklyn) when it comes to charm.

If you’re wondering about the middle name, Mowgli is the protagonist in The Jungle Book. It makes a very strange combination with Bronx. But the two names together with Wentz give him cool initials: BMW. I think he’ll be called that or Beemer in school. Either would be easier (and more fun) to live with than Bronx Mowgli. (Speaking of initials, I hope no one calls him B.M.)

My verdict: Two thumbs down!

Bruce Lansky is North America’s #1 author of baby name books. His books have sold 11 million copies. His latest name book is 5-Star Baby Name Advisor.


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