Celebrities Like Zendaya And Kate Winslet Are Taking A Stand Against Photshopping

I think we can all agree that the Photoshopping of images of celebrities and models alike has gotten out of hand. Recently we saw a Victoria’s Secret ad that showed a model with one of her butt cheeks completely photoshopped out of the picture. We know that putting out these images sets a bad example for women and girls with regards to body image as well as sets unrealistic example to our boys as to what real women look like.

Two very different celebrities have made headlines this week for taking a stand against photoshopping their images.  First, young actress Zendaya, whom most of your children probably watch religiously on The Disney Channel, made a bold statement when she railed against a recent photoshop job that slimmed her already slim waist, hips and thighs. In this image she posted to her instagram page, Zendaya posted the original photo and the retouched image in an effort  to encourage her young fans to accept their body the way it is.



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