Celebrating Grandparents Day (Anyday)

By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

family bonding ideasCelebrating Grandparents Day (Anyday).  One of the most amazing gifts I ever received from anyone was a cassette tape. It wasn’t just any cassette tape, it was of a conversation that my aunt (who gave the gift) had with my great-grandmother. The conversation didn’t reveal any family secrets or great tragedies. It was a simple conversation about my great-grandmother’s life growing up as a daughter of a Baptist missionary. There were things I didn’t know about her, things she’d never told be or I’d never asked her, or knew to ask.

For so many years, I only thought of her as my great-grandmother and here was this woman who had lived a life I knew very little about.

Why is this important?

I bring it up because today (September 7th) is Grandparents Day and I want you to ask yourself what do you know about your grandparents or your parents for that matter?

Do you know what their favorite color is?

The first movie they saw?

What were they doing the day Kennedy was killed? Or the men walked on the moon?

Who was  their first crush?

Did they or do they have a favorite candy?

Is there a moment in their lives that they most cherish? Why?

What’s their favorite song? Why?

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