Carrie Underwood Admits She Felt Guilty For Having A C-Section

Just like any mama our there, Carrie Underwood wants the best for her baby. And while motherhood will often show us that things don’t usually go as we normally have planned, the country singer is opening up about her guilt over having a C-section when her son Isaiah was born several months ago.

Now, the blonde beauty is sharing her words of encouragement with other moms out there who are going through the same thing. She is opening up about some of the difficulties she faced surrounding his delivery and reaching out to women who have been through the same thing.

“I feel like emotionally it was the hardest thing overall,” Carrie said during a recent interview with Taste Of Country. “I felt a little bit like I had done something wrong. I had guilt about it going in.”

Carrie also wants mothers from all corners of the Earth to let them know that they are not alone.

“So I definitely think that that’s something that women should know that that’s normal and that, again, you gotta do whatever you gotta do to have your baby safely,” she continued. “That’s kind of your first hurdle as a mom, and it’s just something you’ve got to learn to be okay with, and you’re not alone.”

As if we needed another reason to love this awesome celebrity mom!


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