Carrie Underwood Opens Up About the Accident That Scarred Her Face

The Country Singer Broke Her Wrist and Injured Her Face in a Fall at Her Home

Well, hopefully this puts an end to all the speculation! Country star Carrie Underwood is opening up about the accident that left her with a broken wrist and facial scars. Back in November, Carrie had a fall in her home that resulted in some pretty major injuries. Initially, it was reported that she broke her wrist. But she stayed pretty out of the spotlight for a while, leading fans to wonder if there was more going on.

A about a month after her accident, Carrie shared that her injuries that day were far more extensive than she’d originally let on.

Credit: Instagram/@carrieunderwood

Not only did she break her wrist so badly it needed to be surgically repaired, the country crooner also injured her face. The cuts on her face required more than 40 stitches, and have left Carrie with some scarring on the left side of her face. Now, because Carrie is a superstar and someone who lives very much in the public eye, the injury and subsequent scarring caused her a lot of anxiety. Which is understandable! She was dealing with a lot, and processing the possibility of looking different, permanently.

Carrie even went so far as to warn fans that her face might look different…

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