CarePages, A Website For Ill Loved Ones, Closes And Takes Memories With It

The Website Announced It Would Shutter at the End of 2017

When you have a critically ill child or family member, the last thing you want to have to remember to do is keep everyone updated on their condition. It can be taxing to send texts, messages, make phone calls. CarePages, a website that allowed members to keep a journal of loved ones’ illnesses, made that one little part of the process easier for so many people. Many members used the forums to document and chronicle cancer battles, hospitalizations, and recoveries. It created a community of support and love, for people who needed it the most. And now, that community is gone.

The website announced at the end of 2017 that they would be shuttering the site. Members would no longer be able to access their accounts, forums, or communications. For some former members who didn’t use the site very much anymore, the end came as a shock. By the time they were aware the forums would be closed, it was too late. Years of messages, posts, blog entries – gone. Imagine having the last years of your child’s life documented in that forum, and then be unable to access it. It’s a devastating turn of events.

Some members say they were able to save their information before the site closed for good, but others lost everything…

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