Pregnant Cardi B Involved In Mall Fight After “Fan” Asks For A Selfie

Celebrities have a right to privacy too

    Cardi B is one of the coolest celebrities right now. Meaning, she gets mobbed by adoring fans whenever she’s out in public. Sometimes, fans are overly eager when they see her and want to get as close to her as possible. Unfortunately, she isn’t always as eager. Because, you know, she’s a person. And sometimes people don’t like to be bothered. So when Cardi B was in Vegas shopping and a fan approached her, asking for a selfie, she declined. The fan was upset, and that’s when things went downhill.

    While deciding to do some shopping at the Fendi store in Las Vegas, Cardi B was approached by the fan. It is worth reminding everyone that Cardi B is heavily pregnant with her first child. She is simply trying to enjoy a little time to herself, and having someone approaching her and then berating her would be exhausting.

    Celebrities are people too…

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