Carb Friendly Recipes

Carb Friendly Recipes

By: Beth Aldrich

It’s crazy how many diets “claim” that carbohydrates are bad for you and that we shouldn’t eat them! And that this simple food group (which has many varying levels of quality) is being called the culprit in America’s obesity problem. This advice is a faulty generalization of food. By comparison, take a look at the lean yet strong bodies of Japanese people, who consume high-carbohydrate diets composed of large amounts of rice and starchy vegetables, it’s impossible to conclude that all carbs lead to weight gain.

Whole grains have been a key component to the human diet since the time began, when we stopped hunting and gathering and settled into farming communities. Until very recently, people living in these communities, on all continents, had lean, strong bodies. In the Americas, corn was the staple grain, and in India and Asia, it was rice. In Africa, people had sorghum and millet. People in the Middle East enjoyed pita bread and couscous. In Europe, it was corn, millet, wheat, rice, pasta and dark breads. Even beer, produced by grain fermentation, was considered healthy. In Scotland, it was oats. In Russia, they had buckwheat or kasha. For generations, very few people eating grain-based diets were overweight.

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