CAR SEAT ALERT: Can Wearing A Winter Coat While In A Car Seat Dangerous For Your Child?

For those of you who live in parts of the world where it gets very cold in the winter, it’s the norm to put your child in their car seat wearing their winter coat. I know I always had my kids bundled up in the cold winter months when I put them in their car seats because it was freezing outside.

It’s the worst when you have young children for several reasons. Trying to afford all their winter gear is a challenge, then you have to try to keep track of all those pieces for when you really need them. You also need to convince your child to put it on, keep it on, and that’s no easy task. Being cold isn’t fun and that’s why the winter months with kids can suck.

Trying to buckle them into their car seat with their winter coat isn’t easy either, and there’s kind of a reason for that. Did you know that those bulky winter coats that keep your child so warm is actually not safe for them to wear while they’re in the car seat?

Seems backwards, right? Coats are important to keep your child safe from the cold weather elements, but that coat is going to make their car seat dangerous and it’s a very important lesson.

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