Candace Cameron Bure Responds To A Troll In The Oddest Way

The 'Fuller House' Star was Body-Shamed in a Recent Picture on Instagram

You should never feed the trolls, right? That’s what we hear time and time again. People love to get others all riled up. And there seem to be countless people who have nothing better to do than troll the social media accounts of celebrities. It’s such a weird thing to do! Every celebrity deals with it, from small-time famous to big-time stars.

I highly doubt that most celebs even read the comments or replies to their social media posts. But occasionally, for whatever reason, a celebrity responds to one of these trolls. Maybe they’re bored, maybe they’re just tired of being criticized. But when they do respond, it’s usually pretty funny. However, when Candace Cameron Bure responded to a troll on her Instagram post, it ended up being kind of ridiculous.

This is what it’s all about… (Missing my girl in this pic)

A post shared by Candace Cameron Bure (@candacecbure) on

Candace posted a super sweet picture of her and her son, and while most of the comments were complimentary, there’s always that ONE person. You know the type, who swoops in and says something outrageous, just to get a rise out of people. Typically, the only reaction they get is from other commenters, who will pile on until the troll eventually deletes their comment. But this time, Candace herself responded. But her response wasn’t exactly great.

When they go low, we go high, right? But careful just how high you go.

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