‘Southern Charm’ Star Defends Her Decision To Stop Breastfeeding Her Baby

I'm just plain OVER IT

When you become a mother there are a lot of things that seem to be really polarizing. There is never a style of parenting that will fit every family. And often there isn’t a style that will fit every child. Parents have to adapt, learn and pivot course depending on so many factors. That’s true when it comes to things like sleeping and eating and discipline. And sometimes, despite best plans and efforts, things don’t work out the way you wanted or thought they would. That’s what Southern Charm star, Cameran Eubanks discovered when she welcomed her daughter and started breastfeeding.

The Bravo star and real estate agent gave birth to her child, a daughter, back in mid-November. It’s the first child for her and her husband, an anesthesiologist, Jason Wimberly. Those two have been married for 4 years this April and adding a baby to their family just two months ago has likely brought some big changes in their life.

The mom recently posted a note to Instagram to discuss breastfeeding, which she has been doing with her daughter. The note she says isn’t because she felt the need to explain, but it was a way to help other moms feel less alone.

However, she also knows that by saying what she did, she’s going to ruffle some feathers, and she was prepared for just that.

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