Calling Miss Manners!

Calling Miss Manners!

By Catherine Ryan

Parties are the perfect time to let loose, catch up with friends and just have fun. And in general, party etiquette follows the standard rules of good manners: Bring your cheer, be friendly and always thank the host.

But whether you’re attending a holiday party, wedding, business event or other celebration, you can sometimes find yourself in an awkward situation and wishing Miss Manners were by your side.

“There are a few basic tricks you can learn that will get you through uncomfortable party situations with poise and class,” says Lara Shriftman, co-author of Party Confidential: New Etiquette for Fabulous Entertaining.

Follow Shriftman’s strategies, and you’ll emerge from these common sticky situations as the polite and gracious woman you are — and with your festive mood intact.

Sticky Situation No. 1: You’re stuck with someone you don’t like.
Smart Solution: Make a graceful exit.

You may be tempted to down your glass of wine so you can escape to the bar, but there’s a more polite — and less intoxicating — way out of a dead-end conversation: “Excuse yourself to go to the ladies’ room,” suggests Shriftman. Then actually go, even if to just touch up your makeup. That way, should the guest watch you, she won’t feel abandoned.

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