Finally There Is Underwear Designed Specifically For C-Section Mamas

The C-Panty is designed to help moms recover after their C-section

    I’m sure these undies are going to help a lot of mamas! Let’s be honest: recovering from childbirth is no easy feat. I would not have survived without my Tucks and icicle pads, I’ll tell you that. For c-section moms, the recovery is even more brutal.

    A c-section is major surgery! There are tons of options for postpartum recovery undergarments for moms who had a vaginal delivery. But the pickings are slim for belly birth moms. That is, until now. There’s a new postpartum panty on the market, designed specifically for c-section moms: the C-Panty.

    The C-Panty is underwear made just for women who’re recovering from a c-section.

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