15 Beautiful C-Section Scar Cover-Up Tattoos

These are incredible

Pregnancy changes your life forever. It changes your body and you’ll have new scars and marks and skin and muscles where you’ve not had them before. It’s a process of coming to terms with your new shape and learning to love it after your baby is born and it can be a struggle. There is so much pressure on moms to have it all and to look a certain way and it all coming at you as you heal from birth can be overwhelming. If you have a c-section scar now, that is another thing you have to get use to seeing and it’s not easy for everyone.

For some, having a c-section is a scary thing. Perhaps it’s not what you wanted at all and did everything you could to avoid it. For others the healing from it all and the c-section scar that was left after infection or an emergency c-section is painful to look at.

Or maybe it’s not your favorite thing on your new body — and that’s OK too. More mothers are turning to tattoos to cover up the scar on their stomach left after a c-section. These tattoos hold a special meaning because it doubles as a cover-up and can give beautiful life to your new roles as a mother.

Click through and check out these beautiful c-section scar tattoos and you might spark some inspiration in your own design.

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