Viral Post Makes Sure You’ll Never Feel Bad About Ordering Dinner Again

We are all enough.

    If you’re a mom you probably know who Bunmi Laditan is. Chances are you probably follow Bunmi Laditan on social media. Otherwise known as The Honest Toddler on Twitter and Facebook, Laditan has quickly become one of those mothers other mothers love to follow.

    Bunmi Laditan is an author and mother of three who has made us laugh for years. Through her books and her hilarious Honest Toddler social accounts, Laditan makes light of those parenting moments that make us miserable. She tackles real world parenting issues in a way that is relatable to us all.

    She uses satire to poke fun at the realities that are parenting. But she also writes about the difficulties of being a mother, especially when moms are expected to be ‘super mom’ all the time. In a recent post that has gone viral she directly addresses mom guilt.

    We all have experienced mom guilt, probably daily. We feel guilty if we snap at our kids for moving to slowly in the morning. Or if they leave their toys laying around. We feel guilty for not being able to volunteer on that school field trip. It never ends, does it?

    Recently Bunmi Laditan wrote about her mom guilt over ordering take out for dinner and why we should never feel guilty for doing the best we can.


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