Bullied Teen Who Died By Suicide Asked Parents Not To Display ‘Ugly’ Picture At Funeral

This is so tragic

As parents we’re all very aware of the problem that bullying can cause our kids. In schools, online and through social media, bullying is a huge problem among our young people. We know that bullying affects people of all ages, but it’s especially hard on tweens and teens. It’s such a tough age as it is, but when a child is bullied it can become tragic.

Most parents do their best to speak to their children about bullying. We hope our kids aren’t being bullies, and pray they aren’t the target of bullies. We hope our kids stand up for others and that if they are having problems, they’ll open up to us. Sadly, we can’t always help and affect change no matter how hard we try.

We especially hope that our schools take the issue of bullying seriously when an issue is raised. We know we’ll never be able to full erase bullying, but hope we can help kids who are victims before there are tragic consequences.

Sadly, the family of 13-year-old Rosalie Avila weren’t able to help the teen deal with the relentless bullying she suffered at the hands of schoolmates. The teenager tragically took her own life and the effects of the bullying were still evident in her funeral wishes.

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