Schools Are Now Selling Bulletproof Panels For Kid’s Backpacks

It’s not unusual to see schools sell a variety of different items, usually marketed towards parents as a means of fundraising.

So far this year my kids’ schools have tried to sell me a variety of wrapping paper, holiday gifts, cookie dough and even coffee. One school in Floriday however has raised eyebrows with one of the items they are currently offering parents for sale.

We live in a scary world. It seems we can’t go a week without hearing of another mass shooting or terrorist attack in this country.  With the Las Vegas and Texas attacks so fresh in everyone’s minds, many can’t help wonder who will be next?

This might be the most depressing thing you’ll read all week, but a Miami private school is now selling bulletproof panels that go inside your child’s backpack, to shield them from bullets.

This is depressing to me not because a company has made this incredible product, but because we live in a world where our children and educators have to think about having bulletproof backpacks in school. I remember when I was a kid in school our drills were all about ‘stopping, dropping and rolling’ in case of fire.

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Now, our kids go through lock down procedures in case someone unstable decides to shoot up their school. What a scary world we live in.

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