BubbleBum – The Inflatable Car Seat Perfect For Travel

BubbleBum – The Inflatable Car Seat Perfect For Travel.  When traveling during the summer you have to plan on lots of different “WHAT IF’S” and a big one is “What IF” the Car Rental has a awful car seat for my 5 year old? “What IF ” my inlaws don’t have the right car seat for us when we get there. So instead of worrying and stressing about the “What IF’s” we were sent the BubbleBum to test out and see if we felt it was a perfect fit for travel! IT IS!

We arrived in NY and the car-service came to pick up the three of us as my husband was not traveling with us. I took the Bubble Bum out of my travel bag and the driver was amazed. He blew it up and put it in. It was as easy as that! He was so impressed that he said he needed to buy one himself.

It definitely made our trip successful and we have a extra car- seat now for any friends last minute play dates! We Highly suggest going out and getting one. You just never know when you may need it !



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