Bubble Nails Is The Newest Trend In Nail Art

There’s a new nail art trend in town and people have been talking a lot about it lately. It’s called ‘bubble nails’ and it’s created when a a nail technician builds up the acrylic to the centre of the nail and shapes it in to a ‘hump’ or ‘bubble’. And it looks ridiculous.

Call me old fashioned by I think nails look best when they’re neatly manicured and polished. Plain and simple. And while it was completely fascinating for me to watch how this is done, I could never imagine doing it myself! I can’t even figure out how anyone can pick things up or dig in your purse for something without feeling like you’re going to ruin the manicure! And also, it doesn’t even look good, does it?! My fingers are short and stubby enough as it is, I don’t need my manicure making them look shorter! Check out some of these images posted to Instagram.


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