Brooklyn Decker Beauty Regime May Involve Using Breast Milk on Her Face

Everyone has their own beauty secret they share with friends that maybe their mom or grandma or someone close to them shared with them, but they’ve never really tried it because it sounds a bit odd.

I remember growing up someone once told me that putting toothpaste on your pimples would help get rid of them (it didn’t). I also heard someone say Windex would help as well, but there was no way I was trying that one! Seriously, people come up with some crazy stuff!

The ideas tend to get even more out there when a woman gets pregnant. Let’s face it, how many women do you know now who have had their placenta made in to tiny placenta vitamins after Kourtney Kardashian claimed it was literally the best thing ever? I don’t know many people who would have thought about eating their placenta all in the name of health and beauty before one of the Kardashians made it a thing.

While our bodies are really quite phenomenal when they’re pregnant some people claim there’s a lot of beauty advantages to the postpartum body as well.

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker, who is currently expecting baby #2 with husband Andy Roddick, shares one beauty secret that well, is odd, but makes us wonder if it works.

pregnant woman
Credit: Instagram / @brooklyndecker

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