Brookie’s Cayman Island Travel Diary at the Houses of the Cayman Kai

My family and I went to the Cayman Island and stayed on the North side of the Houses of the Cayman Kai called Rum Point. We stayed in a 2 story 2 bedroom beach villa walking distance to Rum Point Beach. It was awesome!

Our house name was Kai Time, located on the Bay side and walking distance to the beach of Rum Point. The house was bright and open with full of color, our house was right next to the pool so we would do some late night swimming.

Here are my top 5 favorite things to do when I was there:

1. Jet skiing in Rum Point

Brooke Cayman Island Credit: Brooke

You can rent jet skis right off the white sands of Rum Point beach. Since I’m only 10 my uncle was my driver and I the director. We sped up and down the water , it was so much fun but next time I’ll wear my sunglasses or goggles because that water was so salty it seems to find my eyes, but it was worth it!

2. Starfish Point

Brooke Cayman Island Credit: Brooke

Starfish Point located by Rum Point had the largest starfishes of Grand Cayman. The water was knee high and the starfishes were all around me, it was pretty cool.

3. StingRay City

Credit: Brooke Credit: Brooke

Meet Barb , Barb the StingRay, she was very friendly and enjoyed being around us. There was so many StingRays just swimming and playing around our feet and legs. We were able to feed them and touch them, this was pretty a awesome experience! A must when u come to the Cayman Islands.

4. Snorkeling

Brooke Cayman Island Credit: Brooke

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Brooke Juncaj

Brooke Juncaj (10) has always been a natural performer, her outgoing and charismatic personality make her a favorite on the red carpet! When she is not interviewing celebrities or backstage watching tv and movie screenings, Brooke loves traveling with her family, swimming, ballet, hiphop, jazz, and tap, she also loves playing soccer, and with her French Bulldog Riley.

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