Brookie Visits the 2017 Classic Auto Show in Los Angeles

This years Classic Auto Show was held at the Los Angeles Convention. This car show is literally for all ages. They had a classic 1912 Rolls Royce car, to the cool Back to the Future car and race cars that look straight from the movie Cars! It’s a three day event that usually takes place at the end of January.

The day I went I was able to see and interview host Adrienne Janic “AJ” from the reality hit show Overhauling and her current hosting show Competition Ready. They were currently filming an episode featuring her own 1968 Pontic Firebird.

AJ's 1968 Pontic Firebird
Credit: Brookie Marie Juncaj

She explain to me her new show Competition Ready is all about getting the cars detailed, waxed, polish, pretty much like a mini facelift moms! She said she’s always been into classic cars and enjoys working in the car industry for over 10 years. Overhauling was about re-building the cars so she was able to learn from the inside, now Competition Ready is re-building on the outside of the car. It’s pretty cool to see her own car all shiny and new, AJ is a pretty hot mom too.

cars car
Credit: Brookie Marie Juncaj

I ended the day talking to other car owners who also take pride into their cars, most of them collect classic cars as a hobby and come to these shows to share them with the public.

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Brooke Juncaj

Brooke Juncaj (10) has always been a natural performer, her outgoing and charismatic personality make her a favorite on the red carpet! When she is not interviewing celebrities or backstage watching tv and movie screenings, Brooke loves traveling with her family, swimming, ballet, hiphop, jazz, and tap, she also loves playing soccer, and with her French Bulldog Riley.

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