Brooke Visits Las Vegas and Takes in the Blue Man Group

Brooke Juncaj BlueMan Group
Credit: Brooke Juncaj

I recently went to Las Vegas and was able to see and meet the Blue Man Group. They first started as street performers in NYC 25 years ago. They painted their face blue to show their artistic side and get people’s attention and reaction.

[blockquote author=”Brooke Juncaj” pull=”normal”]The show was energetic, upbeat with a twist of comedy all rolled into one. They were so funny without even talking![/blockquote]

The coolest part was all the neon confetti and streamers that covered the whole audience.

I would definitely recommend this show to kids and families for a fun night in Vegas!

Brooke Juncaj

Brooke Juncaj (10) has always been a natural performer, her outgoing and charismatic personality make her a favorite on the red carpet! When she is not interviewing celebrities or backstage watching tv and movie screenings, Brooke loves traveling with her family, swimming, ballet, hiphop, jazz, and tap, she also loves playing soccer, and with her French Bulldog Riley.

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