Brooke Burke

Brooke is best known for her killer body and good looks. Now she is wowing us with her moves on the dance floor on this season’s Dancing With the Stars, Go Brooke!!! I have met and talked to Brooke several times over the years and what always struck me was how sweet and down to earth she is. She is truly as gracious as she is beautiful. Her website and blog is now giving people an opportunity to see that candid and authentic side of her.

She writes about the ups and downs of motherhood, not just the good and glamorous but the real moments.  We chatted recently again about her last pregnancy. Brooke started off our interview with “I feel like I have been pregnant my whole life…”    Brooke has been pregnant 4 times, and she finished her second birth in two years. She gave birth to her third daughter Rain, whose nickname is ‘Baboosh’, the inspiration for her site’s name.  Luckily she has been getting a lot of help from her older daughters, 8 and 5.  They adore their new baby sister.  Brooke says, “ Rain has defined our family, new man, new home, now we all share something, her, it really solidified us as a family unit.  They are so excited about this pregnancy; my older daughter suggested I have a baby every year!

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