Mom Loses Her Baby After Boyfriend Poisons Her Drink With Abortion Pill

She was almost 5 months along

There is so much excitement that comes along with being pregnant. You have all these plans to make, dreams to envision, and everything that comes with preparing for the later stages of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Oh, and all the dreams that come with looking to the future to what your baby will be like. And how motherhood will settle in for you. It’s all very real for so many people from the moment the pregnancy test turns positive, and it often grows from there. That’s likely what mom-to-be Brook Fiske was feeling when she was expecting her first baby. But unfortunately, her plans came crashing down and she had no control over it.

I’ve lost pregnancies before and it’s devastating. It strips you from all those dreams that you wanted for your child. And for your life, too. I felt out of control of something that seemed to come so easy for other people. And it tainted how pregnancy would look for me from that moment on.

I can’t imagine what Brook Fiske has been feeling after learning that her pregnancy was not going to make it to full term. And on top of that, her baby was in real danger.

And it was all because of her boyfriend.

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