Brody Jenner ‘Didn’t Even Know’ Kylie Was Pregnant With Stormi For The ‘Entire’ Time

Ouch. Awkward.

So people were not joking around when they said that Kylie Jenner was not going to tell her pregnancy news until she was ready to share it. By some miracle, this super famous business woman who is also on TV like all the time was able to avoid being seen for 9-plus months. She did this so she could stay out of the spotlight while she was pregnant. It was rumored to be true for so long we all knew that it had to be the case. And the longer Kylie Jenner went without being seen well, it solidified the rumors.

Still, being able to keep that a secret, being such a famous family is not easy. How did she leave the house? Did she ever leave the house? If she didn’t how the heck did she not go a little stir crazy? She must have had people around – – how did they keep everyone from saying something or snapping a photo?

It’s a mystery I think only the Kardashian-Jenners could pull off. And they did that so well. So well, in fact, it seems like people who you would think would be in on the secret weren’t. It’s not known how many people actually did know that Kylie Jenner was pregnant.

But it is clear, now, that one person for sure didn’t know. And well, that has to hurt a little bit. He is Kylie Jenner’s brother, after all.

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Devan McGuinness

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