This Woman Looks So Much Like Beyoncé She’s Always Being Chased By Fans

The resemblance is WILD

We all know there is something extra special about celebrities. They seem to have this little extra spark that makes them interesting to other people. Also, it’s probably a mix of talent, that extra sparkle, and lucky that propels them to the top of the food chain, right? Even then, there are some celebrities that go right to the top, A-list people who turn everything they touch into gold. And money. Both actors and singers have people in this category and it’s rare that us regular people can understand what that feels like. But one person gets that unique look into the world. A Beyonce lookalike, a regular person just like you and me, gets the perks and some of the annoying parts of celebrity life.

Beyoncé is one of the biggest celebrities of our time. She seems like there is nothing she can’t do and everything she puts out into the world is always received with nothing but praise. She’s the Queen. The top of the music game and there is really never any drama that comes out about her personal life. Even when the news speculated — and JAY-Z later confirmed — that there were troubles in her marriage, she was still the best.

Well, it’s hard to understand what kind of life Beyoncé lives because she’s pretty untouchable. But Brittany Williams, a Beyonce lookalike, has a small taste of life as a mega star.

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Devan McGuinness

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