Mom Arrested After Her Father Finds Newborn’s Remains Under Porch


This story about Brittany Robinson is truly heartbreaking. With so many people struggling to get pregnant, it’s hard to not have an extra sore spot about this news story that took the life of a brand new baby. The baby could have been placed into the hands of a loving family who would have taken care of the gift of a newborn. That’s, unfortunately, not what happened in this case.

The details are still coming out over what happened between Brittany Robinson’s pregnancy and when her child was found by her own father. There are some holes missing and of course, details over what Brittany says happened is a little different that what you’d imagine — or what the officials are saying.

When a baby dies, it’s devastating, but it’s even harder to stomach when the death comes at the hands of someone who should love them. It could have been completely avoided.

Now the lives of this family are forever changed, the father of Brittany, the baby that was never given a chance at all in this world, the community who is trying to make sense over what happened. And, Brittany, who made a very bad decision and people are wondering if she’s getting the right consequence.

The details are upsetting and all I can think is that poor sweet baby.

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Devan McGuinness

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