People Are Slamming This Mom For ‘Traumatizing’ Her Daughter With A Burned Baby Doll

... Decided to make cookies

There are so many variables when it comes to raising children and no doubt there are so many stressful situations where you feel like you can’t see up from down. It’s easy to understand why parents are frazzled, something I didn’t really understand when I was a kid. It was hard to see all that goes on behind the scenes when you’re a child, but oh it becomes so clear when you’re the ones responsible for raising the kids.

We want to be able to teach our children how to become good adults, and that means not only giving them comfort and love, but also making sure when things go wrong, or they make mistakes, they understand there are consequences.

It’s hard to navigate that line between allowing your child the space to explore and make mistakes and keeping them safe. There is no one-kid-fits-all rule for when we can start letting go of those safety reins and trust our child to make decisions that are safe. But, kids being kids, sometimes they try to decide this line themselves and things go wrong.

That what happened to this one mom when her toddler did something that had the potential to go way differently. She posted about it on social media, and that didn’t go quite how she thought it would..

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