Teen Mom 2′s Briana DeJesus Newborn Diagnosed With a Heart Condition

When you first find out you’re pregnant there are so many unknowns that run through your mind. Even if it’s not your first time going through the whole pregnancy and newborn phase, it’s still scary because there are so many variables and you just want the best for your baby. Each baby is different and it’s hard not to worry about all the things that could go wrong during pregnancy.

As you get through all the prenatal screenings and inch your way to labor and delivery, fears start switching from things that could go wrong during pregnancy, to the fears that pop up when you’re about to hold a brand new person in your arms for the first time. Newborns are so fragile looking and if you’re anxiety-prone, there’s an endless list of things that you need to watch for that could signal something is wrong with your baby.

briana dejesus
Credit: Instagram / @_brianadejesus

That fear turned true for one Teen Mom star who was home with her newborn baby when things took a turn and she had to rush to the hospital. Briana DeJesus welcomed her second baby, a girl named Stella, back in July, and as her time as a second-time mom to two young children has been filmed for the current season of Teen Mom 2, she told the story of the terrifying night she had to rush her new baby to the emergency room and the diagnoses that changed everything.

briana dejesus
Credit: Instagram / @_brianadejesus

A scary moment lead to a scary diagnosis for her new baby.

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