Briana DeJesus Says She ‘Won’ Because She’s Dating Teen Mom 2 Co-Star’s Ex-Husband


One of the first words that come to mind the moment I say “Teen Mom” has got to be the word drama. There is always something going on in the lives of these young mothers that just seems to feed the drama. I’m not sure if they just thrive in the stress and anger that always rides when there is so much negative going on or if it’s just circumstance, but it’s exhausting. Now that Teen Mom 2 has added another young mother into the mix, there’s been even more drama. Oh, and it’s not helping that Briana DeJesus is dating one of the fellow star’s ex-husbands

See, that just screams drama, doesn’t it?

Rumors started circulating a few months ago that Briana DeJesus was dating Kailyn Lowry’s ex husband, Javi Marroquin. The two denied it for a while and insisted they were just friends. Fans of the show continued to watch the two flirt over social media. It was obvious they were good friends and close with each other. And then the photos just seemed to be more flirty.

And they finally came clean and said, yes, they were dating. For fans of Kailyn, who just wrapped up a season of Marriage Bootcamp with Javi, this wasn’t a cool move.

Well, they’re not going to be happy with Briana DeJesus and her salty caption she shared on Instagram.

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