Footage Of A Doctor ‘Flipping’ Breech Baby In The Womb Has Gone Viral

Some may find this video graphic.

There are so many things that have to line up perfectly in order for labor and birth to go the way it is supposed to. It’s a delicate process and in order for mom and baby to come out healthy and unharmed, baby has to know which way to be positioned. Before the whole birth thing goes down. I have no idea why or how a baby knows that it’s best to flip to head down, or even if they do? It could just be that they end up having gravity push them head down because their head is the heaviest. I’m just guessing. I know nothing. But I do know that if a baby doesn’t go down head first — and they’re in breech position — doctors don’t like to attempt vaginal delivery that way.

There are a few options to go over when you find yourself at risk of having a breech delivery. Most doctors prefer not to assist a mom in delivering a baby that isn’t already head down. Some babies end up butt down, or feet down, or sideways. Most doctors prefer to do things the “safest route” and schedule a c-section. But that comes with its own risks, too.

Some doctors and moms-to-be opt do manually move the baby, while it’s still in the womb. A trained doctor needs to do this because it’s crazy painful and can really do harm if they do things wrong. And that crazy painful part is likely why most moms don’t want to give it a go.

Well, one mom opted to try the breech turn, called External Cephalic Version, and it’s gone viral because the video is INSANE.

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