There’s No Difference Between Breastmilk Or Formula When It Comes To Your Child’s IQ

Maybe this will end the breast vs bottle war?

    We all know there are numerous advantages to breastfeeding. Breastmilk provides key nutrients babies need as they grow. It’s also said to help reduce the occurrence of asthma in children. Not only that but breastmilk is always readily available and never has to be heated up!

    Supporters of exclusive breastfeeding have often listed many of the advantages of breastmilk. From healthier children to more successful children to smarter children, many have made breastmilk out to be the reason behind many children’s good grades.

    While there are numerous advantages to breastmilk over formula, having a smarter child isn’t one of them. For years many pro-breastfeeding sources claimed that breastfed children were smarter than formula fed children. Mothers of formula fed children everywhere would dispute this claim, and now research is also disputing it.

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    For years women who can’t — or choose not to breastfeed were inundated with studies stating their children were at a disadvantage than those who were exclusively breastfed. The ‘breast vs bottle’ wars began when parents were criticized over how they chose to feed their baby. Fortunately we all seem to agree that ‘fed is best’ now.

    Parents who felt at a disadvantage for not being able to breastfeed can now rest assured their formula fed child is just as smart as a breastfed child.


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