Breaking Bad Star Anna Gunn.. Enter With Caution She’s A REAL MOM

Breaking Bad Star Anna  Gunn.. Enter With Caution She’s A REAL MOM.

Breaking Bad star and acclaimed actress Anna Gunn, talks about juggling motherhood with her dream job, her favorite recent vacation with her girls, and the celeb mom she’d most love to work with. It goes to show you how good of an actress Anna Gunn really is, she is so convincing on Breaking Bad, we forget she is a REAL MOM, we sat down with this hard working, fun loving, well spoken mom of two….

On a scale of 1-10 how tech savvy are you?  “How about a negative 57?  I’m not kidding”

Do you have a smartphone and if so what is your favorite application or is there a website you can’t live without or get enough of.  “Yes, I have a smart phone.  My favorite app right now is an AT&T voice navigation system.  I still, after five years in Albuquerque and being from New Mexico, do not know my way around the city.

You have gotten accolades for your portrayal of Skylar White on the hit series Breaking Bad. What can you tell us about the last season of much anticipated drama returning this summer (July 15th)  “Bigger, badder, darker, dirtier, funnier.”

What is your favorite part of filming the show?  “I really love the fact, and it’s rare in television, that they write these really long, meaty scenes – and I love that they write these scenes for me and Walt.  It’s like riding a roller coaster going around hair pin turns and curves that you don’t expect.”

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