Family Shares Heartbreaking Photo Of Grandfather At Bedside Of Dying Girl To Show Impact Of Cancer

This is heatbreaking

Granddaughter And Grandfather

There was some hope for Braylynn and her family until last week. The family was excited to announce that they had raised enough funds to complete one round of experimental treatment in Mexico. Not covered by insurance, each procedure costs roughly $30,000, and due to the aggressive nature of this cancer, several rounds are needed for success.

Update… Princess Braylynn is still with us.Her pulse is barely there and we can not feel it, but we can hear it…

Posted by Ally Parker on Sunday, January 7, 2018

Unfortunately, Braylynn cannot receive the treatment her family had worked so hard to raise money for. A DIPG tumor cannot be removed through surgery as it would likely cause severe neurological damage and could even be fatal, according to the Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation. So far more than $22,000 has been raised online to fund the experimental treatment.

That’s when Ally decided to share a heart-wrenching photo of Braylynn and her grandfather on social media. She wrote on Facebook, “Princess Braylynn is still with us. Her pulse is barely there and we can not feel it, but we can hear it with a stethoscope. Nurses say she may not make it through the next hour, but miracles can still happen.”

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