There’s A New “Yanny Vs Laurel” And This One Is Even Weirder

Do you hear brainstorm or green needle?

    After this week, my ears and brain are broken, and they may never recover. For a couple of days, the internet was all a tizzy over whether or not you heard Yanny or Laurel. For the record, I heard Yanny on my phone, Laurel on my laptop, then Yanny again on my laptop a day later. I’m still mad about it. Before we even had a chance to come back from that ridiculous craze, another one popped up. But this one is less annoying, and way more creepy. The words brainstorm or green needle will never be the same to you.

    This new viral clip got started on Twitter, like they always do! But this one is weird: you will hear brainstorm or green needle, depending on which of those words you are thinking about.

    I swear, you have to try it. Think of the word brainstorm, then watch.

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