Mom’s Brain Tumor Seems To Vanish After She Gave Birth

The woman was scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor

    I love me a good medical mystery, and this one is really fascinating! A young mother in Los Angeles has doctors scratching their heads, after her benign brain tumor seemed to disappear after she gave birth. The unidentified 23-year-old woman was diagnosed with a meningioma when she was 37 weeks pregnant.

    The woman had been experiencing terrible headaches on the left side of her head. The headaches were often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and periodic blurred vision. The woman was pregnant with her third child, and realized these symptoms were just your typical pregnancy stuff. I don’t think she realized just how serious it was!

    Doctors at Loma Linda University School of Medicine discovered the young woman had a brain tumor. The tumor was benign, and about the size of a grape.

    brain tumor
    Credit: Pixabay

    The tumor needed to be removed, but doctors decided to wait to operate until after she delivered her baby. At one month postpartum, the woman was still experiencing headaches, but she reported that the blurred vision hadn’t returned. However, she still had significant swelling in her brain. So surgery was scheduled for a month later, to remove the brain tumor.

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