Brad Pitt Is Ready to Find Love Again

As I’m sure many parents know, finding love again after a heartbreaking divorce or separation is never easy. I know that someone like myself would have a hard time dipping my toes in the dating pool again. Sexting? Sex texting? Or even sexing? No thank you. I’ve been with my husband for almost two decades and I’m incredibly content with our comfort level.

Yet, a lot of people do believe that the only way you can mend a broken heart is if you find love again. And I believe that, too. That’s why there are new reports that say Brad Pitt is looking to date again and has even reached out to old friends, as he’s hoping to rekindle some past relationships. In other words, it looks like he’s finally over Angelina Jolie and he’s not looking to give their marriage a second chance. Here’s why.

Brad Pitt
Credit: Shutterstock/Feature Flash Photography

Brad Pitt is looking for love again: are there any takers?

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