Brad Pitt Admits Jennifer Aniston Is the ‘Love of His Life’ And Wants To Restart His Relationship

Too little. too late.

Relationships are hard work and there are so many ups and downs and everything in between. On the outside a relationship can look really strong, but there are things in the middle that make it a real challenge for people. I think that’s why so many people were caught off guard when Brad Pitt announced he was getting divorced — both from Jennifer Aniston and then again from Angelina Jolie.

This relationship is a little more drama-filled than others it seems because there was a little triangle thing going on. Brad was sill married to Jennifer when he started filming a movie with Angelina. Rumors swirled that he was cheating on Jennifer with Angelina. He denied. They broke up. He got together with Angelina pretty quickly after. They both tried to say that nothing happened until after his marriage with Jennifer was over, but you and I know that’s pretty hard to believe.

Well, when we all found out his marriage to Angelina was over, too, it was a mix of yeah that’s not a surprise because look what happened to his other marriages and what, really? Brad and Angelina seemed so strong together. They had 6 children, seemed happy, and sweet through trials and tribulations and next we hear it’s over.

Well, it seems like things are maybe clearing in his head and Brad Pitt is realizing that maybe he royally messed things up and reports indicate he’s trying to fix that.

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Devan McGuinness

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