Brad Pitt Reveals He Wanted To Have At Least ‘A Dozen’ Kids With Wife Angelina Jolie


Can they manage so many?!?! With six kids already in their family, Brad Pitt has revealed that he is looking to multiply that number as he wants at least a dozen kids with his beautiful wife, Angelina Jolie.

In a new interview with The Telegraph, Brad opened up about his family life and how he and Angelina are looking to form a soccer team of their own. I mean, they already have the world in their hands, so they might as well go for the next World Cup, too, right?

He said, “[There’s] a lot of love, a lot of fighting, a lot of refereeing; a lot of teeth-brushing and spilling. Chaos, total chaos. But so much fun. Listen, Angie and I were aiming for a dozen, but we crapped out after six.”

LOL! The Hollywood star also added, “Everyone talks about the joy of having kids – blah, blah, blah. But I never knew how much I could love something until I looked in the faces of my children.”

Aww. Brad makes you melt like Olaf in the sun, doesn’t he? There’s nothing more sexier than a good man who shows his love for his family. I’m sure everyone knows this by now, but Angie sure is a lucky woman.

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