Teen’s Intestines Were Literally Sucked Out When He Got Stuck to the Pool Filter

My kids are rather strong swimmers. But I am the kind of mother who will watch them like a hawk whenever they are in a swimming pool or any sort of body of ocean. Sure, they could easily swim to the other end of the pool and back, but life has taught us way too many times that anything can happen at any given time.

With that being said though, when kids are given swim lessons there’s one thing that is always left out: swimming pool safety. In other words, kids should know that there are certain things inside a swimming pool that they should simply not touch and stay away from completely. That’s why so many people are shocked over this story of a young boy who almost lost his life during a freak accident in a pool in Spain this past weekend. Here’s what happened.

swimming pool
Credit: Shutterstock/Kateryna Mostova

Here’s why it’s so important that kids learn swimming pool safety

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