Boy Who Swallowed Party Horn Now ‘Honks’ Every Time He Breathes

Let’s face it, kids are curious, right? They want to touch everything, see everything, feel everything, or in this case, SWALLOW everything. My son used to be the exact same way. There was nothing that he wouldn’t put in his mouth, and it freaked me out all the time.

But as parents, we know that our kids and their curiosity can lead to some serious trouble or worse, a trip to the emergency room. And that’s exactly what happened to this 8-year-old boy after he accidentally swallowed a toy horn. People, this is why you don’t skip breakfast! You can’t eat your toys, for goodness sake. And while this is absolutely scary (and a situation I wouldn’t want to be in myself), you can’t help but chuckle a little at this boy’s video, too.

toy horn
Credit: YoutTube/ NP-NEWS

Here’s what happened.

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