Boy Rushed to Hospital After He Flipped in a Pool Inflatable and Struggled to Get Up

I live in a warm climate state, which means that our family gets to enjoy nice pool and beach weather all year round. If we’re not hanging out at our community pool, then we are spending the day at one of the nearby water parks. And if we’re not in a water park, then there’s a good chance that we are spending the day at a beach. Either way, we are always near a body of water, whether it’s a pool or the ocean in one way or another.

I always keep a good eye on my children — I  don’t even let them out of my sight, knowing that it only takes a few minutes for something grave or horrible to happen. I’m sure a lot parents can agree with me as many people are absolutely stunned over this video we are about to show you. A little boy almost died after getting stuck upside down in a pool inflatable for over a minute.

Three Kids jumping into the Swimming Pool
Credit: Shutterstock

Warning: these images can be distressing for some readers.

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