Boy Receives Second Degree Burns After Another Child Sprayed Perfume on Him Then Lit a Match

As a parent, it’s absolutely my responsibility to teach my children the difference between wrong and right. And trust me, it’s something that I bring up every day. I constantly talk to my children about the difference between good choices and bad, and how they should always use common sense and their best instincts whenever they find themselves in a sticky situation.

You’d think there were other parents who would take this same approach to parenting, but unfortunately, nope, not everyone. That’s why people are absolutely shocked over this story of how one child thought it would be a good idea to light another boy on fire! Honestly, I’m absolutely livid over this and just as outraged as the poor boy’s mother. With two children of my own, I would hate to see this happen to them by another person! Here’s what happened.

Credit: Shutterstock/Piotr Zajda

Should this boy be held accountable for his actions?!

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