Boy Lies Motionless On The Ground And Strangers Are Concerned Until Dad Explains

Trust us, it’s not what you think.

Boy, lying on the floor, motionless and not saying a word. If you were to walk passed a little boy who appeared this way in public I’m sure your initial reaction would be to respond, right? Is something wrong? Is he hurt? Does he need medical assistance? I know myself that I would have a million things running through my own head.

But as we know, kids can sometimes be very good actors and actresses. Heck, I’m surprised that we haven’t see a toddler version of the Academy Awards yet just because some kids out there are truly good at what they do. I once saw a little boy doing a great job of pretending that he was severely injured (all he had was a little cut on his finger that was barely noticeable) and a young girl crying as if she hadn’t eaten in several days (instead, she was just upset that the Trader Joe’s cashier didn’t have her favorite color lollipop). I could seriously go on and on…

But it’s this picture of a motionless boy that has everyone talking. As a matter of fact, a lot of strangers felt obligated to intervene until the father of the boy explained what was going on.

Here’s what happened.

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