Boost Your Energy, Hour by Hour

Re-energize with exercise. For general health, an hour of daily movement is ideal; for optimal energy, break it up into two light 30-minute workouts. Try to fit in one of those workouts on your lunch break — even if it’s just a stroll around your neighborhood. “It doesn’t matter if it’s yoga or walking or some cardio plus resistance,” Blatner says. “Exercise is the vehicle through which oxygen is delivered to every cell in the body, so just moving means you’re energizing those cells.”

It’s also important to stay hydrated. Blatner calls coconut water the perfect natural sports drink (if you add a pinch of sea salt to replace the sodium and chloride lost through perspiration) because it contains only natural sugars. Look for brands such as O.N.E., Vita Coco or Zico that contain only one ingredient: coconut water.

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Give yourself a healthy boost.
Instead of hitting the vending machine for an afternoon pick-me-up, plan ahead for two protein-plus-produce snacks a day (celery and peanut butter, string cheese and a pear, almonds and an apple). In addition, drink some green or black tea, which has about one-third the caffeine of coffee and contains compounds that buffer caffeine’s jittery effects.

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