Boost Your Energy, Hour by Hour

Boost Your Energy, Hour by Hour

By Jenna McCarthy

Boost your energy hour by hour. If you usually find yourself dragging through your day, you’re not alone. “Lack of energy is the No. 1 issue people come to see me about,” says Dawn Jackson Blatner, registered dietitian, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and author of The Flexitarian Diet (McGraw Hill, 2009). “They want to know, How can I get more energy so that I can really enjoy my life?”

According to Blatner, if you’re putting too much on your plate — literally or figuratively –you’re setting yourself up for chronic lethargy. In other words, eating too much and doing too much will put you on a fast track to burnout.

The good news: You can boost your energy every day in just a few simple steps. Following this plan will help you go from exhausted to energetic — and stay that way throughout the day.

7 a.m.

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