Parents Of Murdered Student Blaze Bernstein Speaks Out: ‘I Lost the Most Precious Gift’

Blaze went missing while visiting his family

The parents of Blaze Bernstein are speaking out about the devastating loss of their son. Blaze, who attended high school in Orange County, was home on winter break from the University of Pennsylvania when he went missing after leaving to meet friends. Mom Jeanne Pepper Bernstein realized something was wrong when he wasn’t home the next morning. Blaze’s body was discovered 8 days later, buried in a shallow grave near the Bernstein home. A former high school classmate has been arrested and charged with his murder.

Rather than focus on the horrific crime and motives surrounding the death of their son, the Bernsteins are choosing to focus on the amazing life he lived in his 19 years on earth. Jeanne told TODAY’s Natalie Morales, “If we talk about these things now, then this young man will not get a fair trial. And I want that for all of us. I want the legal system to work. I’m an attorney. I value it.” For now, they’re turning their attention to keeping Blaze’s memory alive. Dealing with the loss of a child is something no parent ever wants to face. But Jeanne is hoping that Blaze’s life will continue to inspire others.

They hope to turn their personal tragedy into a movement, to help others in need.

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