Blac Chyna Turns Baby Stroller Into Weapon During Theme Park Visit

"Being famous is hard"

I can not even imagine how stressful it can be at times to be famous. Yes, you have all the money you will probably ever need You are likely doing a job that you love and there is no doubt so many perks that go along with the fame. But, if you are a parent, trying to keep your kids safe can be an issue at times. You have strangers who know who you are and grabbing a photo with you can be a big deal. And when children are involved there is sometimes a feeling that you are closer to the celebrity, that you know them and that familiarity can cause some boundary issues when people get too close to your kids. Just ask Blac Chyna.

The model has two children Dream Renée Kardashian, who she shares with Rob Kardashian, and King Cairo Stevenson, her first child who she shares with Tyga. She has not had the easiest time in the spotlight and always seems to have negative press around her. She is always painted as the bad guy in any situation, but she does seem like a very devoted mother.

Blac Chyna Dream Kardashian
Credit: Instagram / @blacchyna

And the latest reason she’s in the news is not a good look either. Apparently, she turned Dream’s stroller into a weapon during an altercation over Easter weekend.

The video is outrageous and Blac Chyna has spoken out about the footage hitting social media.

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