Couple’s Birthing Photoshoot Goes Viral And People Don’t Know What To Think

Not your average photoshoot

There are so many magical moments in life that capturing forever is a great thing. Because really, you can’t take too many photos or videos, right? When it comes to these big memories — like getting married, being pregnant, having a baby — having a professional photographer who knows how to find angles is a lovely thing. They have an eye for seeing things a slightly different way and getting you some pretty incredible photos, too. When it comes to birthing pictures, these images are often raw, powerful, and can bring you right back to those moments.

Some people don’t think these type of photos are for them. And for the good ones, they’re not exactly cheap. But, some things are just meant to be captured. Birthing images is one of them, in my opinion, because these images hold so much power. It’s one of those moments as a mom that you are not fully and completely there for. Yes, you are physically there, but when in that moment, you are so focused on the job. On feeling and breathing through the pain. On the anticipation. Having someone on hand who can find those moments, capture them on film forever. And for you to look back on, is incredible.

That’s why this one woman’s birthing photos are going viral. OK… that’s not really why. These photos are unique an people are talking about them because they are so… um… different.

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Devan McGuinness

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